Dog barking mad to join his pooch pals smashes through porch screen despite the...

Australian Shepherd, Cooper, gets 'really excited' to join other dogs outside in Orlando, Florida in the clip from October 14 where the owner said: 'He did not suffer any known injuries.' Source link

Activists warn UN about dangers of using AI to make life-and-death decision on the...

A Nobel Peace prize winner has warned against robots making life-and-death decision on the battlefield, as it is 'unethical and immoral' and 'can never be undone'. Source link

Anorexia cases are almost DOUBLE estimates in 2006, figures suggest

Data analysed by Kings College London shows 3.2 children aged 8-12 per 100,000 are diagnosed per year. In 2006, the figure was 1.5 per 100,000 Source link

Booze, parties, holidays… how Brussels spends your cash

An audit of Brussels spending shows the EU Council, headed by Donald Tusk, spent more than £100,000 of taxpayers' cash on up to 4,000 bottles of Champagne last year. Source link

Three hours a day or more on social media interrupts teenagers' sleep, scientists say

Teenagers' social media use and sleeping patterns were analysed by University of Glasgow. More than one in three were 'high users' who were are up to 70 per cent more likely to stay...

Parents of American prosecutor killed on the island of Yap speak out

The parents of American prosecutor Rachelle Bergeron, 33, who was shot dead on October 14 on the island of Yap are speaking out saying: 'She wanted justice and to help everybody.' Source link

London's black cabs turn green! Officials approve new all-electric taxi

The Dynamo taxi (pictured) has been given the green light by Transport for London as part of an attempt to slash carbon emissions in the city. Source link

One in seven pupils now have a special educational needs diagnosis and require extra...

A report from the education select committee has found 14.9 per cent of UK pupils are registered as needing extra support at school this year, following a rise over the past two years. Source...

'Care home' prisons are filling up with inmates as old as 104

Paedophile retired lorry driver Ralph Clarke, 104, is believed to be Britain's oldest prisoner after he received a 13-year jail term in Birmingham in 2016. Source link

Poor toilet hygiene 'puts you at a greater risk of E.coli than eating undercooked...

Researchers at the University of East Anglia found the majority of super-strains of the common bug are spread between humans and not through eating raw chicken, beef or pork. Source link

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