London's black cabs turn green! Officials approve new all-electric taxi

The Dynamo taxi (pictured) has been given the green light by Transport for London as part of an attempt to slash carbon emissions in the city. Source link

One in seven pupils now have a special educational needs diagnosis and require extra...

A report from the education select committee has found 14.9 per cent of UK pupils are registered as needing extra support at school this year, following a rise over the past two years. Source...

'Care home' prisons are filling up with inmates as old as 104

Paedophile retired lorry driver Ralph Clarke, 104, is believed to be Britain's oldest prisoner after he received a 13-year jail term in Birmingham in 2016. Source link

Poor toilet hygiene 'puts you at a greater risk of E.coli than eating undercooked...

Researchers at the University of East Anglia found the majority of super-strains of the common bug are spread between humans and not through eating raw chicken, beef or pork. Source link

Westwaters Hotel in Melbourne evacuated over a bomb scare

A Victorian hotel was evacuated over a bomb scare on Wednesday morning. Source link

Born into an A-list dynasty, how did Michael Douglas's little boy turn into a...

By the time Cameron (pictured with his father) was 26, his father had tried to have him kidnapped off a New York street, hiring three burly men in a black van to grab...

Salary boost for graduates falls by half in twenty years

Graduates born in 1990 earned 11 per cent more than non-graduates at age 26, while for those born in 1970 it was 19 per cent, a study shows. Source link

Natural History Museum branded sexist… for not having enough female animal exhibits! 

A study of five museums found women weren't the only females forced to fight sexism - apparently leopards and lions face it, too, with the famous London collection accused of being prejudiced. Source link...

British jihadi bride Shamima Begum 'faces torture or hanging'

Shamima Begum, 20, wanted to return to London but was left 'stateless' after then home secretary Sajid Javid removed her citizenship while she was held at a refugee camp in Syria. Source link

Decriminalise all drugs for personal use now and provide addiction support instead, say MPs 

MPs have called for drugs including heroin to be decriminalised. This would mean that anyone caught with a 'modest' amount of drugs would not be arrested, fined or sent to prison. Source link

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